Prices above valid WITH SIGN PURCHASE ONLY. See below for pricing for separte purchase. carries a variety of stake options including galvanized steel stakes and plastic spider stakes. The metal prongs run up inside the flutes of 4mm coroplast sign, and the other side is pressed into the ground. All stakes provide good stability in the wind, for signs up to 18"x24". For larger signs you may need 2 stakes per sign, wood stakes (sold at hardware stores) or mount the signs to a wall, or other structure.

From Left to Right:

The Single Wire Stakes are 25" long, made from galvanized 9 gauge steel. You need 2 stakes per sign. Our most economical option. This option is just as stable as the H-frames, but holds the sign lower to the ground. $0.40 ea.

The Double Cross "H" Wire Stakes are 30"x10", made of galvanized 9 gauge steel. They hold the sign 15" above ground. They are our most popular choice. Care needs to be taken when pushing the stake into the ground - although they are well made, but there is a limit to what can be expected of a $1.10 stake.

The HEAVY DUTY H-Stakes are a more robust version, of our regular stakes. The steel that goes into the ground is much thicker. See comparison photos below. These are great for contractors, realtors, etc., where the extra cost is justified by the extra stability and longevity. These stake are great for lawn placement, but the larger diameter of the steel, makes them more difficult to place in gravel or rocky surfaces. $6.95 ea.

The Spider Stakes have a recyclable plastic frame, with metal prongs that run up inside the coroplast flutes. These are great where local by-laws prohibit the use of metal stakes in the ground. Their main drawback, is that with a single point going into the ground, they have a tendency to lean over to the side, especially after a high wind or storm.

Prices are valid only with a sign purchase. If you would like to purchase them separately, they are available in units of 25 or more:
Single Stakes - $0.50 ea.
H-frames - $1.40 ea.
Heavy-duty H-frames - $7.50 ea.
Spider Stakes - $2.00 ea.